Lumatek 50W FAR-RED LED Bar

The LUMATEK 50W FAR-RED LED BAR is a supplemental adding to your crop that has been specifically created to extend the ZEUS LED [400-700] nm Full-Spectrum range to [400-750] nm.

Designed to fit directly on the popular LUMATEK ZEUS LED fixtures frames, the integration of the very valuable FAR-RED photons [701-750] nm harnesses the principles of the EMERSON Enhancement effect, allowing growers to promote stem elongation and leaf expansion during the vegetative and the early days of flowering stages enabling to fill in the grow area. Also, taking advantage of their high efficacy, they can be used at the end of the life cycle to improve the overall photosynthetic efficiency.

With its peak at 730 nm and an output of 13 μmol/s [600-700] nm and 140 μmol/s [701-800] nm, the LUMATEK 50W FAR-RED is a supplemental LED bar tool, to help growers enhance PSII photochemical efficiency and photosynthetic rate when added to the provided Full-Spectrum by the ZEUS range.

This unit has an independent power source and can also be connected in series with daisy-chain link cables. To ensure unit performance, this LED bar has a single input and output socket for the Power Cable or Daisy Chain link Cable, depending on the use of that bar. For this reason, the Power (4 m) and Daisy Chain (1.5 m) cables are sold separately.

Recommended Coverage

The LUMATEK 50W FAR-RED LED BAR was designed to fit directly into the ZEUS fixtures and when FAR-RED photons are mixed with the produced Full-Spectrum from the ZEUS range, a 10-20% ratio is secured.

Integrate a minimum of 2 units of LUMATEK 50W FAR-RED LED BAR, with:

  • ZEUS 465W PRO 2.9 | 1.2 x 1.2 m footprint
  • ZEUS 600W PRO 3.1 | 1.5 x 1.5 m footprint
  • ZEUS 1000W XTREME CO2 | 1.5 x 1.5 m footprint w/ CO2 Supplement

Integrate a minimum of 3 units of LUMATEK 50W FAR-RED LED BAR, with:

  • ZEUS 1000W PRO | 1.5 x 2.0 m footprint


Recommended FAR-RED Application

Always mix the supplemental FAR-RED radiation with the previously mentioned LUMATEK ZEUS Full-Spectrum LED Range.

For a good FAR-RED radiation spread, ensure to install the recommended minimum units, and follow the distance to canopy referred on the Grow Light Strategies table.

FAR-RED can also damage plants. If you notice plant damage, we recommend increasing the distance between fixture and canopy or decrease the FAR-RED radiation delivered by reducing the photoperiodic time.

There is no specific defined photoperiodic time as it will depend on the grower plant morphology preferences.




Product code: LUMLED030
ePPF (400 – 750) nm: 155 µmol/s
eEFFICACY (400 – 750) nm: 3.1 µmol /J
INPUT VOLTAGE: 220-240 V AC 50-60 Hz
DRIVER: 50 W, 220-240 V AC 50-60 Hz
INPUT POWER: 50 W (+/- 5%) @230 V AC
LIFE SPAN: L90 > 45000 Hrs
DIMENSIONS: 1000 X 48 X 42 mm
WEIGHT: 1.2 Kg
WORKING HUMIDITY: 20% - 80% Non-condensing



- Promotes stem elongation and leaf expansion
- Enhance density of your grow area
- Improve the overall photosynthetic efficiency
- Attachable to all LUMATEK ZEUS Full-Spectrum LED range
- Top efficacy FAR-RED diodes
- Plug and Play
- Internal LED Driver
- Daisy chain connectivity (up to 18 pcs.)
- Passive Cooling
- IP65

Items Included:

Items Sold Seperately:
[LUMM0084] UV/FR LED Light Bar Power Cable 4 m
[LUMM0085] UV/FR LED Light Bar Daisy Chain Cable 1.5 m


text 1-92

    Lumatek 50W FAR-RED LED Bar
    LUMATEK FAR-RED LED BAR je dodatek za razširitev polnega spektra v območju 400-750 nm.
    Cena z DDV:
    225,70 €
    Lumatek ATS 300 W PRO LED
    Attis 300 W PRO LED je linearna več svetlobna palica, ki proizvaja PPF 816 µmol/s in učinkovitostjo 2,7 µmol/J
    Cena z DDV:
    500,20 €
    Lumatek ATS 200 W PRO LED
    Attis 200 W PRO LED je linearna več svetlobna palica, ki proizvaja PPF 508 µmol/s in učinkovitostjo 2,5 µmol/J
    Cena z DDV:
    384,30 €
    Lumatek Control Panel HID & LED 2.0
    Stara cena z DDV:
    488,00 €
    Akcijska cena z DDV:
    390,40 €
    Najnižja cena v 30 dneh
    488,00 €
    Lumatek Zeus 1000W LED PRO Xtreme PPFD Co2
    Set razsvetljave Lumatek Zeus 1000 W LED PRO
    Stara cena z DDV:
    1.994,70 €
    Akcijska cena z DDV:
    1.894,97 €
    Najnižja cena v 30 dneh
    1.994,70 €
    Lumatek LED BAR 100 W Full Spectrum
    Lumatek LED palica s polnim svetlobnim spektrom in 100 W in napajalnikom
    Cena z DDV:
    279,99 €
    Lumatek Zeus 600 W LED PRO 2.9
    Set razsvetljave Lumatek Zeus 600 W LED PRO
    Stara cena z DDV:
    1.195,60 €
    Akcijska cena z DDV:
    956,48 €
    Najnižja cena v 30 dneh
    1.195,60 €
    Lumatek ZEUS 465W Compact PRO LED
    Set razsvetljave Lumatek Zeus 465 LED PRO
    Stara cena z DDV:
    915,00 €
    Akcijska cena z DDV:
    823,50 €
    Najnižja cena v 30 dneh
    594,75 €


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